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Are you ready for a magical weekend? What better excuse to warm up and enjoy your partners moments of sexual sensuality and erotic passion? The weekend box has everything you need to rediscover their erotic body, both inside and out. Whether youre heading out on a romantic trip or staying at home, YESforLOV is always ready to fuel your desire games.
– Explore their erotic body and enjoy a seductive message with our warming massage oil..
– Enjoy their touches and sounds of pleasure with our satin eye patch.
– Feel the sensual eroticism of our silky smooth moisturizing lubricant.
– Write your deepest desires on their skin with our delicious body pencil.
– Feel all the sweet sensations and powerful orgasms that our clitoral arousal gel allows.
This special erotic box contains:
– Massage oil with an exciting aroma (30 ml).
More information:
– Black satin bandage. More information
– Single dose of gel for female arousal (3 g). More information
– A single dose of unisex moisturizing lubricant (5 ml). More information
– A mischievous cherry-flavoured body pencil.

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