YESforLOV Rejouissance Eau De Parfum Paris for Women 100ml

YESforLOV Rejouissance Eau De Parfum Paris for Women 100ml

Fragrance for aphrodisiac women


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    Caught between harmony, sensuality and seduction, this aphrodisiac fragrance for women ignites the senses, awakens erotic passion and celebrates your sexual sensuality without any limits.
    Your intertwined erotic bodies are feverishly waiting for the cap to come off the bottle so that the spicy scent can ooze out into a seductive tease.
    The Rejouissance fragrance for women opens with irresistible notes of lime.
    Like love at first spice, the saffron and chili duo blends harmoniously with its floral notes, eliminating any hesitation and resistance you may have.
    Its warm and spicy scent whispers into your ear like a gentle romantic kiss, while the heavenly scent of candied plums and lilies dances in the background.
    Then a loving melody begins to emerge, with amber woods leading the way, followed frantically by vanilla and date.
    This beautiful perfume for women will make your partner fall victim to her erotic beauty.
    This rare essence is an invitation to the art of love, to voluptuousness and sensual eroticism.
    A love potion that fulfills your deepest desires.

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