YESforLOV Pleasure-Prolonging Formula for Men 10ml

YESforLOV Pleasure-Prolonging Formula for Men 10ml

Spray for prolonging pleasure for men


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YESforLOV Pleasure Extender is the best delay spray for men designed to help you better manage your self-control so you can play overtime.
Based on natural ingredients, this male delay spray induces a wave of hot and cold sensations while keeping the glans hypersensitive.
Its formula is enriched with an Amazonian plant extract that acts as a muscle relaxant to help you prolong your erotic passion and take full control of the moment you reach a powerful orgasm.
YESforLOV designed this pleasure extender to prepare your penis for endless cuddling and help you maintain a firm erection without having an unexpected orgasm before youre ready.
This prolonging gel is for all people with male genitalia! From those who want to prolong their pleasure, as well as those who are trying to find a solution to their erection problems!
Our Secret: It incredibly stimulates the sensory glands of the penis, allowing for endless cuddling so you can practice edging (taking your time so you can have fun).
You have a secret weapon to surprise your other half!

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