Swiss Smile Herbal Bliss Toothpaste + Toothbrush Set 75ml

Toothpaste + toothbrush set


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Pure herbal power: high quality edelweiss combined with echinacea and green tea extracts and chlorophyll. The balanced and valuable composition of the restorative toothpaste strengthens sensitive teeth and soothes irritated gums. The anti-inflammatory properties of edelweiss, echinacea and green tea extracts restore bacterial balance, regenerate and revitalize irritated gums. Edelweiss is also rich in natural flavonoids, which neutralize harmful free radicals through their antioxidant action. Chlorophyll reliably eliminates unpleasant odors and, together with the natural taste of mint, maintains long-lasting fresh breath. The selected combination of active ingredients contains 0% SLS and provides gentle dental care, protects against cavities, has an anti-inflammatory effect on strong and healthy gums and helps maintain healthy oral flora in the long term. Unique sensitive soft toothbrushes have 7 times more bristles, making them denser and thinner than standard toothbrushes. The softly rounded CUREN filaments absorb significantly less water than commonly used nylon bristles. They remain dimensionally stable, not only reach perfectly into the recesses around the interdental spaces and the gum line, but also protect the teeth and gently stimulate the gums. Thanks to the small, compact head and the octagonal handle, the toothbrush can be positioned at just the right angle to gently and effectively clean even hard-to-reach places in your mouth. The sensitiv soft toothbrushes in elegant green and black are the perfect complement to the revitalizing toothpaste.

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