SEYSSO Oxygen Range Pocket Irrigator Tips 2pcs

Spare nozzles for the irrigator


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Oxygen Travel Pocket Tips Irrigators are designed for people whose gums require extra care. To do this, an elastic band is used at the tip of the handpiece, which gently cleans the gum pockets and gum lines. Thanks to this innovation, we provide a precise soft massage of the gums, which improves their blood supply and accelerates their regeneration. Key features of the Seysso Oxygen Travel Pocket Tip Removes bacterial buildup from areas that a regular brush cant handle. Adapted for people with gum problems 360-degree rotation of the tip Rubber tip gently cleans gum pockets and gum lines Various colored rings help distinguish tips from their users Attention Tips should only be used when working with the SOFT program. It is recommended to replace the tips every 6 months. Tips can also be disinfected and rinsed with disinfectant to clean and disinfect irrigators. Includes 2 pcs.

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