SEYSSO Gold Collection Gold White Sonic Toothbrush

SEYSSO Gold Collection Gold White Sonic Toothbrush

Refined electric toothbrush


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The sophisticated SEYSSO Gold White Electric Toothbrush is a unique combination of design and high performance. The SEYSSO Gold White toothbrush moves at a unique speed of up to 96,000 strokes per minute! Such
its high frequency makes it a very powerful and effective tool for removing plaque and enamel staining caused by drinking coffee, tea or smoking. SEYSSO Gold White Toothbrush can be customized to your individual needs
thanks to 5 different operating modes. Each mode has a certain combination of operating time,
number and range of motion. This makes the device even more efficient and useful.
1. Brushing (82,000 strokes/min.*) For effective plaque removal (2 min.)
2. Whitening (96,000 strokes/min.*) Cleans the surface of the teeth from dirt and whitens the teeth (2 min.)
3. Polishing (90,000 strokes/min.*) Polishing and polishing the front teeth (1 min.)
4. Gum care (70,000 strokes/min.*) Gently stimulates and massages gums to improve their condition
(3 min.)
5. Sensitive mode (62,000 strokes/min.*) Extra gentle mode for the care of sensitive
teeth and gums (2 min.)

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