SEYSSO Carbon Range Basic Edition Sonic Toothbrush (Black)

Electric toothbrush (black)


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    Beautiful white smile is a dream come true for each of us. The proposed brush greatly facilitates the work right at home. The toothbrush declares war on dental problems such as cavities, plaque or discoloration that occur when drinking coffee, tea or red wine. One of the many unique features of the product is its speed of operation – up to 82,000 vibrations per minute.
    There are three work programs to choose from, each of which differs in duration and frequency. So you can choose the brushing method that works best for you. Its like three brushes instead of one.
    1. Clean is the basic program for brushing your teeth for 2 minutes at a frequency of 82,000 vibrations per minute. Designed for daily brushing your teeth.
    2. Soft (62,000 oscillations per minute) – will become your favorite brushing program in case of problems with tooth sensitivity or gum disease.
    3. Massage (62,000 oscillations per minute) – a unique program that allows you to brush your teeth and massage your gums together. It is an extremely pleasant, relaxing choice – safe and beneficial to our oral health.

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