Professional By Fama Wondher Authentic Brown Defending Shampoo 300ml

Protective shampoo for brown hair


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This special shampoo can provide cleansing for brown-colored strands. It contains cocoa extract and an effective protective filter that prevents pigment leaching. Shampoo leaves hair silky, fresh and radiant, guaranteeing pleasant care.
– Differs in the delicate clearing properties;
– Effectively washes hair;
– Gently cleanses the scalp;
– Keeps optimum hydrobalance;
– Maintains the intensity of the shade;
– Provides antioxidant protection;
– Contains cocoa extract, providing nourishing, firming and healing effects;
– Increases the elasticity and elasticity of the strands, gives a healthy shine.
Gently cleanses hair and prevents fading. With cocoa extract and a protective filter, it gently cleanses and helps prevent fading.
How to use: Apply to damp hair, massage, rinse with warm water.

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