Professional By Fama Wondher Authentic Brown Defending Mask 150ml

Protective mask for brown hair


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Protective mask Professional By Fama Authentic Brown is designed for owners of chestnut strands, it includes protective filters and special pigments. They protect the color from washing out, maintain its natural shine and saturation. Cocoa extract nourishes, restores and strengthens hair, providing comprehensive care.
– Differs in a professional formula;
– Provides moisture and nutrition to the hair;
– Possesses the softening, restoring, tonic and firming properties;
– Differs in antioxidant activity;
– Prevents the loss of color saturation of the strands;
– Gives radiance;
– Makes hair silky.
Retains the natural shine of brown hair. Nourishes and softens hair, making curls soft and silky.
How to use: Apply to clean, dry hair, leave for 20 minutes, rinse with warm water.

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