Professional By Fama Wondher 20 For You Spray 120ml

Multifunctional hair spray 20 in 1


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A universal multifunctional product for any type of hair, effective as a mask, practical as a spray. Combines 20 functions. An ideal product for hair styling, health, beauty and shine.
Ingredients: silk proteins, sunflower extract, liquid keratin. Peculiarities:
– restores damaged hair;
– provides intensive nutrition;
– facilitates combing;
– moisturizes dry hair;
– conditions hair without weighing it down;
– prevents the appearance of split ends;
– protects from influence of UV rays;
– protects hair during heat treatment;
– gives softness and silkiness;
– smoothes the cuticle;
– has a straightening effect;
– increases the thickness and volume of hair;
– gives shine;
– keeps color for a long time;
– removes static from the hair;
– facilitates the work of irons and tongs.
How to use: Wash your hair and dry with a towel, shake the bottle and spray from a distance of 20 cm, proceed to styling; on dry hair – spray the product on the palm of your hand, apply to the hair along the entire length, put in the desired hairstyle.

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