OFFICINA DELLE ESSENZE refill Legno di Roso 500 ml

Air freshener (polysander, sandal)


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Officina Delle Essenze Legno di Roso fragrance sticks 500ml interchangeable block to keep the fragrance in the air constant. The purchase includes a new supply of rattan rods allowing you to save and reuse your elegant glass air freshener bottle. Clean design, comfort and economy.

Watered by warm rain, the Amazon forest comes alive with bright colors and thick smells. Pink stems of polysander trees decorated with rose petals create a picture of a magical forest. The wild and yet gentle combination of polysander and sandalwood smells of exotic woods and sweet bliss.
The charismatic aroma of LEGNO DI ROSA will create a positive atmosphere in perfume shops, boutiques or other commercial premises.

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