Lisap Milano Top Care Repair Elixir Care Shining Shampoo 500ml

Hair Shine Shampoo


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    Shampoo gently cleanses, cares for hair and prevents color fading. Improves smoothness and styling of hair, restores shine to hair, makes it soft and easy to comb. Particularly suitable for chemically treated and damaged hair. Contains certified bio-argan oil (deeply moisturizes, restores and protects against adverse environmental influences, A2 ceramides (strengthens and restores the natural connection of the cells of the hair structure, making them stronger and more durable), Elixir Care Complex (monoya and evening primrose oil) for maximum Enhances hair shine and restores Suitable for frequent use Paraben-free SLES / SLS.
    To use: Apply generously to damp hair, massage into hair and scalp, whisk and rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

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