L`ALGA Shampoo, restoring, revives 250ml

Repairing shampoo for damaged hair


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    Lalga SeaWet Restorative Shampoo – LAlga Seawet restorative hair shampoo is supplemented with the AlgaNord 5™ biotechnological complex and intensely moisturizing and restorative components that strengthen the hair and balance the scalp. The product gently cleanses hair, restores lost moisture and gives it energy. Balances the pH of the scalp without stripping it of its natural oils. The product instantly restores damaged hair – it looks more vibrant, smooth, soft and healthy. The hair shampoo does not contain sulfates and parabens.

    Directions for use: Apply the product to damp hair. Gently massage until foam forms. Rinse with water.

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