Lador Eco Professional Keratine Power Glue 4x15g

Serum-glue for split ends of hair


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    Serum glue from Lador is an excellent remedy for split ends and damaged hair. She seals the hair at the ends, gluing the hair scales, making them soft and healthy.
    As part of the tool:
    • Keratin forms the basis of the hairline and protects the hair from external influences. Makes the hair smooth and shiny.
    • Collagen helps to avoid overdrying, softens hair.
    • Moringa oil moisturizes and nourishes, makes it silky.
    • Snail mucin promotes rapid regeneration of damaged hair.
    One ampoule is designed for 7-10 applications.
    How to use: After washing and drying your hair, apply the product to the ends. One drop of glue is enough for one application. Dispense the product into the palms of your hands and apply to the ends of the hair, avoiding the roots and lengths, so as not to create the effect of dirty hair.

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