K18 Biomimetic Hairscience Peptide Prep Pro Chelating Hair Complex 300ml

Removal of metals and excess minerals from hair


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Chelator, or metal and mineral remover, is a very handy new hairdressers assistant in our Peptide Prep line!
In just four minutes, the chelator removes seven metal minerals, brightens hair color and improves hair texture in preparation for the next chemical treatment.
The chelating agent is immediately ready to use, it does not need to be mixed with anything or rinsed off. Just spray on your hair and enjoy the result!
Main advantages:
• Excess minerals and metals that accumulate in the hair are removed in just 4 minutes – a concentrated complex of chelating agents removes 7 of the most common minerals and metals from the hair, providing a thorough demineralizing refresh in minutes. Does not require mixing or additional rinsing.
• Makes hair clean and evenly receptive to dyeing and chemical attack – provides an even result of dyeing and bleaching, prevents unexpected chemical reactions.
• Enhances colors – improves color vibrancy and true tone before and between chemical treatments. Removes all brass green pigments and discoloration caused by mineral and metal reactions.
• Restores natural texture and elasticity – removes even complex mineral deposits that cause brittle and stressed hair.
• Benefit, Benefit – Clean, demineralized hair paves the way for more effective K18 conditioning.
Active substances:
The patented K18 Chelator formula fights against the most stubborn metal and mineral deposits.
• Concentrated Chelating Complex – A clinically proven unique combination of five chelates reduces 7 common metals and minerals in hair: Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, Nickel, Cadmium, Lead.
• Antioxidant Peptide – Our Antioxidant Peptide inhibits free radicals and neutralizes metals in the hair to provide double protection against reactive damage.
• Soap Nut – This natural cleanser acts as an active surfactant. K18Peptide™ reduces possible protein loss during washing, keeping hair soft, strong, healthy and clean.

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