Guam Fanghi dAlga Seaweed Mud Frango de Algas 1kg

Algae anti-cellulite mask


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    Effective and completely natural product with unique properties. Instant effect after the first use. The recommended course is only 10-12 procedures in 4 weeks. Result: the skin relief is significantly smoothed, skin firmness and elasticity are restored, the hip circumference is reduced from 3 to 5 cm. Active ingredients: crushed GUAM algae, algae phytoextract, clay, ivy phytoextract, horse chestnut extract, horsetail extract, lemon essential oil, essential oil oregano. Usage: Mix well before use. Apply to the skin with light massaging movements, wrap tightly with a film (roll cling film is recommended) and wait 45 minutes. Remove the film and wash off the mask with water. Burning during the procedure and slight redness of the skin after the procedure is normal. Confirm the result of wrapping with GUAM firming gel. Course of application: repeat the first three procedures every day, then every three days. Only 10-12 procedures. Later, one use of support once a week is sufficient.

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