Germaine de Capuccini Timexpert SRNS Night Sleeping-Cure 10x2ml

Detox Night Concentrate


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Detox Night Concentrate. Inspired by Asian womens latest beauty secret: Reboot skin while you sleep. Sleeping Cure is an overnight detox concentrate designed to end the fatigue and suffocation that make your skin look 5 years older. A true intensive repair agent that works at peak efficiency during the 23 hours of golden hours when the cellular regeneration process reaches its peak. An almost magical awakening for true sleeping skin in just 10 nights. Its fresh, ultra-light texture and aroma of relaxing notes provide additional calm and relaxation. Intended for: Skin fatigue due to stress, lack of sleep, smoking, etc. As preparation of the skin for special occasions. To combat the effects of jet lag on the skin. As an enhancer for enhancing treatments. Restore skin damaged by drugs or after aggressive aesthetic treatments. Formula: A concentrate with 60% ingredients that works from the first night. Detox: D-Tox Control, which stimulates two key skin cleansing mechanisms. Antioxidant: Zinc Glycine Complex and Carcinin, high-tech ingredients with exceptional antioxidant capacity. Soothing: 8 effective plant extracts that help reduce redness and irritation. Hydration: With avocado peptides that deeply hydrate the skin and strengthen its natural defenses. At night, on cleansed skin, apply the entire contents of the ampoule to the face, neck and décolleté. Then, if the skin requires it, apply your usual treatment cream. Finally, relax, inhale its soothing scent and enjoy a sleep-inducing massage.

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