Germaine de Capuccini Excel Therapy O2 CC Cream SPF30 Beige 50ml

Cream for daily care, beige


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The cream is intended for: dark spots and pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, firming, prevention of aging.
Brand New – CC Cream is formulated in the Excel O2 line. Provides flawless finish, correction, skin protection.
The cream provides you with the perfect daily skin care, with 5 actions:
1. Correction: Second skin make-up effect, light texture with power of coverage blends perfectly and immediately hides any imperfections – bags under the eyes, redness, dark spots, etc., provides the skin with a matte, flawless complexion.
2. Uniformity: evens out the skin, soothes, refreshes dull skin, smoothes the surface, eliminating imperfections.
3. Protection: Has high protection with SPF30, UVA sun protection and detoxifying ingredients. Block on the harmful effects caused by UVA / UVB rays of urban pollution.
4. Prevention: against premature aging in combination with oxygen ceramide liposomes, which work with the surface of the skin, allowing the skin to breathe.
5. Hydration: Sodium PCA ingredient helps maintain hydration levels throughout the day, locks in skin moisture.
Suitable for all skin types. No age restrictions.

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