Germaine de Capuccini B-Calm Correcting Cream SPF20 50ml

Cream for sensitive skin and rosacea


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Moisturizer against erythema and against irritation. Reduces the amount, size and intensity of unpleasant redness, both temporary and persistent. Soothes, softens and relieves, restoring relief and comfort to the skin. Its corrective green pigments expertly neutralize redness. 100% unloading action. Visible results in just 4 weeks. Percentage satisfaction with a clinical study with 30 volunteers after 2 months. Clinical efficacy trial for erythema/redness and skin texture improvement with Mexameter sensor, Colorimeter sensor and Visioscan equipment conducted on 30 volunteers. Intended for: Daily moisturizing of redness-prone, sensitive or sensitized skin. Formula: Helps balance skin microbiota and restore barrier function. Powerful anti-redness action. Homogenizes skin tone. Increases the skins ability to protect itself. KORNA PHYTO-ACTIVE. Improves the tolerance of sensitive, irritated or tired skin. Has a soothing, smoothing & soothing effect. SPF20 (UVA + UVB filters) and corrective green pigments that instantly even out the skin.

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