DAVID MALLETT LHydratation Shampoo for Dry and Damaged Hair No.1 250ml

Shampoo for dry and damaged hair No.1


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Hair is constantly exposed to stress, pollution, frequent styling and blow-drying. What it needs is a deep, long lasting moisturising treatment making it feel lighter and airy without leaving residues or weighing it down – and allowing perfect styling and long lasting stability. Shampoo No. 1 is designed to cleanse and open hair cuticles, making them better able to absorb moisture. It does this with natural macadamia nut oil, which regenerates hair and restores vitality.
Shampoo No. 1 follows David Malletts philosophy for healthy hair products, only add whats really necessary, by omitting any fragrance or color, ensuring that no extra ingredients interfere with whats important. Thanks to an ultra-concentrated formula, Shampoo No. 1 can be used very sparingly.

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