DAVID MALLETT Le Volume Volumising Spray No.2 150ml

Volume and elasticity giving spray No.2


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    Look to the lightweight, liquid formula of Spray No 2 for a glamorous effect that adds volume and noticeable strength to hair, providing vitality and shine without any stickiness.
    It’s an extremely versatile volume spray which can be used as a light finishing and defining spray, extending the life of a blow-dry. Styling
    and volume last longer. Alternatively, on dry hair, it can help to model and accentuate curls, and be used as a styling finish product. The
    Spray No.2 represents a practical way to enjoy the benefits of the signature David Mallett style away from the salon.
    How to use: spray on the roots of washed, towel-dried hair. Comb well to distribute the product evenly. Do not rinse! Gently massage the scalp to lift the hair from the roots. Dry your hair with your head down, blow dry and style. Spray a little again on the styled hairstyle. This way the hairstyle will last better.

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