DAVID MALLETT Beard Balm 70ml

Balm giving structure and shape to the beard


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After being asked by male clients about beard grooming products, David did a ton of research and was unable to find anything of sufficiently high quality on the market. So he decided to develop his own, in conjunction with the same state-ofthe-art laboratory which develops all his products.
Here’s the thing. Facial hair suffers when it is not well conditioned – it becomes lifeless, dull and shapeless. The David Mallett Beard Balm will remove the straggle from facial hair and replace it with softness, texture and definition. You’ll feel fresh, slick, and magnificent. David Mallett Beard Balm can be used whenever needed, especially after washing the face. In particularly hot or cold weather conditions, it can be applied more often.
David Mallett Beard Balm uses high-quality active ingredients, and keeps additional components to a minimum, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skin. The key ingredient is Keravis, a powerful vegetable protein which gives deep penetration and strength. The product contains a very mild scent combination of bergamot and yuzu to freshen the beard but which has been carefully designed not to overpower or compete with fragrances.

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