DAVID MALLETT Australian Salt Spray 150ml

Volumizing and texturizing hair spray Australian Salt


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At 14 Rue Notre-Dame des Victoires, up a winding staircase in the heart of Paris, you will find an ostrich. The antique taxidermy that presides over David Mallett’s Salon is a nod to his Australian roots. Once again, this latest facet of his eclectic lifestyle reflects a dash of down under. Previously, Murray River salt was generally only known amongst the globe’s three-Michelin-starred chefs. Now, however, David Mallett harnesses it to create his new Australian Salt Spray.
The gourmet salt is harvested from naturally occurring brine in the Murray-Darling Basin in New South Wales. Concentrated brine is pumped from the underground aquifers and left to crystallize in the sun. The result is a salt rich in magnesium and calcium – natural minerals that are especially beneficial for the hair. With its unmistakable pink colour and unrivalled mildness, it is the main ingredient in the new Australian Salt Spray by David Mallett.
As if dried in the wind after bathing in the sea, Australian Salt Spray lends the hair a striking appearance with extra volume. With its subtle fragrance of yuzu and bergamot, it creates fresh vitality and rich texture.
How to use: Shake the bottle a few times to activate the ingredients. Spray on damp or dry hair 3-6 times and style with your fingers. Allow to dry naturally or use a hair dryer.

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