Cereria Molla 1899 Home Diffuser Velvet Wood 100ml

Aroma diffuser for home Velvet Forest


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Velvet Wood floats in a sun-drenched and windswept forest. The branches of leafless and thorny trees cling so tightly that even a bird can only timidly look from above. Snoring can be heard in the distance, and scents carried by the light breeze evoke inseparable stories. Lavender soothes, tobacco reminds, and fragrant spices open up… until the forest falls silent again.
The main notes of the fragrance:
– Lavender with a rich and lively aroma soothes, lulls and envelops;
– A mix of sweet, spicy and warming spices play with the calmness of lavender and mingle with a fragrant mix with a fun mystery;
– Nostalgic, deep and charismatic tobacco aroma gives integrity and weight to the aroma;
– Vanilla plays with an intensely sweet, creamy and festive aroma.

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