Cereria Molla 1899 Candle Bulgarian Rose & Oud 230g

Candle Bulgarian rose & oud


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    Bulgarian Rose & Oud travels along the wooden floor of the veranda, climbs the gently polished legs of the table, reaches for the fragrant blossoms of potted flowers and gently stirs them… to make us stop, hear the language of nature and call forests and gardens home. Bulgarian Rose and Oud exudes a very pleasant and familiar aroma of home and nature.
    Fragrance main notes:
    – Sandalwood is the slowest growing tree, which in perfumery reveals an intense aroma of clean wood with a sweet creamy spice;
    – Expressive and mens favorite cedar warms with a very cozy and earthy forest smell;
    – Intensely sweet jasmine decorates the fragrance composition with white flowers and a bright floral and fruity aroma;
    – Charismatic patchouli exudes a rich nutmeg and earth scent.

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