Björk and Berries White Forest EdP 50ml

Eau de parfum with a floral, woody-musky aroma


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    Björk and Berries White Forest EdP 50ml
    White Forest is an homage to an ever-present inspiration – the deep Swedish forests. aromatic and woody, this fragrance conveys both a serene presence and a mysterious aura that embodies the heart of Scandinavian nature. its enlivening yet indefinable character awakens your senses and transports you straight to a long-lost forest of white birches and green pines.

    The composition is like a breath of fresh forest air. it reflects the best of what nature has to offer, starting with the fruity and sweet nuances of blackcurrant and lemon, carefully combined with wonderful violet and lily of the valley. Along with the earthy vetiver and the intoxicating powdery sweetness of tonka bean, this fragrance carries the soul of the Swedish forest.

    Top note: bergamot, black currant, lemon.
    Heart: violet, lily of the valley.
    Base: vetiver, tonka bean, cedar.

    All eau de parfums come in a carefully designed fabric bag that combines practicality and aesthetics. This protective case envelops your eau de parfum, preserving its quality and prolonging its freshness.

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