Alfaparf Milano Keratin Therapy Lisse Design Keratin Serum 125ml

Serum for filling hair with keratin and collagen after keratin straightening


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    Alfaparf Keratin Therapy LISSE DESIGN serum fills the hair structure with keratin and collagen, designed for hair after a keratin straightening procedure. With thermal protection. The light, silky texture of the serum is easy to apply to the hair without weighing it down. Serum helps to maintain and prolong the effect obtained after the hair straightening procedure. Thanks to the complex with keratin and babas oil, the serum makes the hair manageable, facilitates combing and visibly improves the appearance of the hair.
    How to use: Apply serum to damp hair, evenly distribute with a comb along the entire length and ends. Continue styling as usual. Do not rinse!

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