R+Co Dallas Biotin Thickening Conditioner 60ml

Conditioner with biotin to add volume to hair


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    R+Co Dallas Biotin Thickening Conditioner – Conditioner with biotin strengthens, nourishes and gives strength to fine hair. Gives even more volume and density. Ideal for fine hair that needs extra volume and density. Makes hair manageable and adds shine.

    R+Co Dallas Biotin Thickening Conditioner : Volume and Strength for Your Hair
    Main characteristics:
    – Volume: This conditioner is specially designed to give fine and dehydrated hair incredible volume and body.
    – Biotin Content: Biotin, known for its strengthening properties, helps strengthen hair from root to tip.
    – Moisturizing and nourishing: The formula is enriched with natural oils and extracts, providing deep hydration and nutrition to the scalp.
    – Protection from harmful factors: Helps protect hair from urban stress such as pollution and dry air.
    – Volume: 60ml – ideal size for travel use

    – Improved hair texture: Regular use helps make hair thicker, healthier and silkier.
    – Suitable for all hair types: Works effectively on both fine and normal hair.
    – Easy to comb: Simplifies the styling process, making hair manageable and soft.
    – Pleasant aroma: Leaves hair with a light and fresh aroma.

    Mode of application:
    After using shampoo, apply conditioner to damp hair, distribute evenly over the entire length and leave for 2-3 minutes for maximum effect. Then rinse thoroughly with water.

    Possible usage scenarios:
    – For daily care: Use regularly to maintain healthy hair and strengthen its structure.
    – Pre-Styling: Great for use before blow-drying or styling, providing extra volume and protection.
    – For all hair types: Suitable for any hair type, especially recommended for thin and weakened hair.

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