R+Co Cool Wind Ph Perfect Air-Dry Creme 147ml

Cream for heat-free styling of curly and unruly hair



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R+Co Cool Wind Ph Perfect Air-Dry Creme is a pH-perfect cream that helps tame frizz and achieve great styling—without blow-drying or heat. A unique and perfectly balanced cream moisturizes, controls and softens the strands, making the styling process easier – the hair will be beautiful throughout the day, as if the stylist worked diligently on its styling.
Formulated with the perfect pH and infused with Dark Waves (a warm and romantic scent with notes of cardamom, pineapple, tangerine, lavender, bamboo and blond wood), this cream helps tame flyaways and achieve gorgeous styling without using any heat. . This nourishing cream hydrates, controls, tames and softens hair, combating frizz and giving it smooth length all day long. It is rich in apricot and watermelon extracts that moisturize and soften; soybean oil to add elasticity that makes styling a walk in the park; mango butter for detangling and improved manageability; plus a cold-seal polymer that seals in frizz and adds impressive shine.

Treat towel-dried hair and shape it into the desired shape. Then air dry.

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