Locherber Milano Malabar Pepper Home Fragrance Diffuser 250ml

Home fragrance diffuser Malabar Pepper


Pateikę užsakymą, palaukite patvirtinimo apie prekės prieinamumą.

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Locherber diffusers offer impeccable quality that can not only be seen, but also smelled. Home fragrances are filled with the best essential oils, which, being completely natural, mesmerize with familiar scents and inspire new combinations.
Fragrance notes:
– Citrus fruits play between a sweet and slightly sour aroma, which gives the scent a sense of lightness and cleanliness
– Energetic and intense ginger adds refreshing lightness
– The perfect combination of cinnamon and black pepper pleasantly warms, ignites and soothes again
– Cypress and patchouli give off notes of deep wood and moist earth
– Cedar wood warms with a sensual balsamic and earthy forest scent.

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