Hairmed B6 Eudermic Shampoo Volume 200ml

Frequent use and volume shampoo



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When after chemical treatment (dyeing, bleaching, permanent straightening), exposure to heat (hair dryer, hair straightener, strong sun) or other aggressive substances (chlorine, environmental pollution), the hair structure becomes weak, loses its shine, elasticity and durability, it is necessary to use effective products that have a regenerative effect on hair fibers (hair is part of the skin and does not regenerate by itself). HAIRMED restoration is designed using the regenerating properties of collagen and keratin, gives the hair shape, volume and shine, restoring the hair structure.

B6 Scalp-friendly shampoo for frequent use, adds volume to the hair. Gently cleanses thanks to a formula based on plants and other renewable resources. Enriched with amino acids, which are real hair components, restores damaged hair cells, gives hair shape and volume. Ideal for matted hair, hair that has lost elasticity or tone, chemically treated or damaged hair. Can be used for daily washing.

Use: Apply the product to wet hair, emulsify with water and massage throughout the hair. Rinse with plenty of water. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

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