Antoine detergent Intense 750 ml

Laundry detergent



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INTENSE is a masculine fragrance. The dominant notes of patchouli and leather are intoxicating and driven. The base amber softens and brings the duo together. The combination is designed for men, but it is also perfect for women who love special, robust fragrances.

Exclusivity intertwined with cleanliness and luxury fragrances. These are unique detergents made in France and the raw materials used for them can also be found in top perfumery. The aim of the lines creators is to make body and clothes smell the same.

Triple-concentrated detergent and formula specially developed for ANTOINE
1 cap (20 ml) is enough to wash 10 T-shirts or 3 kg of clothes
The quality of the detergent guarantees long-lasting odour retention on dry laundry
If you want to avoid unwanted mixing of two different scents, we recommend that you use the same scent (detergent + fabric softener).

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