Alter Ego SHEWONDER Instant Shaping Mask 1000ml

Mask for damaged hair



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She Wonder Instant Shaping Mask is designed for damaged hair and promotes its complete restoration. The active components of the formula first cleanse the hair of various contaminants, and then nourish it with useful microelements. The effect will be noticeable after the first use, and with a cumulative effect, your hair will become friable and obedient. The mask will help you grow to the desired length for creating incredible hairstyles.
– the formula is enriched with shea butter, clay and starch complex;
– provides protection of curls from environmental influences;
– moisturizes the scalp, protecting it from dryness, tightness and dandruff;
– restores hair along the entire length, sealing the tips and gluing the scales;
– simplifies the styling process, and makes combing painless;
– soothes and relieves inflammation;
– gives a healthy shine, and also eliminates fluffiness;
– acts as an antioxidant and repels the attack of free radicals;
– helps to reanimate thinning hair, as well as curls after chemical treatment.
How to use: Suitable for problematic scalp. Distribute the product on dry scalp, massage and leave to act for a couple of minutes. Add a little water, massage until foam forms, rinse.

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