Alter Ego Color Care Conditioning Cream 300ml

Cream conditioner for colored and bleached hair



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Premature fading and the absence of any bright shine is the fear of every girl who decides to change the shade of her curls. Alter Ego Cream Conditioner for Colored and Bleached Hair will make sure that your strands are beautiful, smooth, shiny and vibrant. The tool provides reliable protection to the structure of curls from the aggressive influence of the environment, burnout and fading. The beauty product has a luxurious texture that smoothes the surface of the strands and gives incredible softness.
– consists of 99% natural ingredients;
– goji berry extract has an antioxidant effect;
– strengthens hair follicles;
– activates the growth of curls;
– argan oil accelerates the regeneration of damaged strands;
– gives softness and elasticity;
– smoothes fluffy cuticles;
– fills the porous structure;
– stops the loss of curls;
– shea butter actively moisturizes and nourishes the scalp;
– softens the strands along the entire length;
– menthol refreshes and tones;
– has a bactericidal effect;
– relieves inflammation and redness;
– makes curls dense, smooth and silky;
– sunflower oil actively softens the strands along the entire length;
– provides color protection for dyed hair;
– has a vegan formula;
– gives saturation and brightness to the shade;
– Does not contain sulfates, parabens and mineral oils.
How to use: Spread the care cream along the length of the hair and onto the ends, massage lightly. Leave on for 3-5 minutes, then massage into a lather and rinse.

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