YESforLOV Unisex Lubricant Moisturizing 100ml

YESforLOV Unisex Lubricant Moisturizing 100ml

The lubricant is designed for intimate care


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    The formula is designed for intimate care. Used specifically to treat wrinkles, hyaluronic acid plays a key role in moisturizing your intimate areas (ISO 10993-5 and 10993-10 standards). We have combined it with glycerin, known for its lubricity. The perfect dose of these two ingredients leaves your intimate areas noticeably more hydrated and naturally compensates for any long-term or short-term dryness. The soothing benefits of aloe vera ensure that your intimate relationships are comfortable every day. The healing effect of allantoin, which promotes cell regeneration, guarantees long-term care and well-being. Natural non-sticky texture. The delicate formula of our intimate gel has been designed to be as close as possible to the intimate secretions created by the vagina. With its unparalleled comfort, its easy to forget youre using it. Long lasting lubrication. Intimate Moisture Lubricant has been enriched with powerful active ingredients that absorb and retain water so you can embrace your sexuality. Our lubricant is compatible with condoms (NF S97-034 standard) and all sex toys and accessories. Physiologically adapted pH. Our Intimate Gel has been designed to adapt to the pH of your vaginal flora to prevent any disturbance that could cause bacterial infections or athletes foot.

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