YESforLOV Allover Delicious Massage Gel Peach Apricot 50ml

YESforLOV Allover Delicious Massage Gel Peach Apricot 50ml

Massage gel with peach and apricot


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    To make any love combinations possible, YESforLOV brings you a delicious edible peach and apricot massage gel.
    Anything is possible with YESforLOV Delicious Peach Apricot Lubricating Massage Gel; let the wishing games begin. This 3 in 1 massage gel is easy to use and versatile, so you can perform a seductive massage, give them an erotic kiss in their most intimate places, and enjoy hot romantic sex without pause.
    What is his secret? It can be applied to all erotic areas of the body, even the mucous membranes, and it does not have a sticky texture.
    This delicious full body massage oil is ready for anything and will perform all of its functions exceptionally without hesitation. Whether you need a silky smooth intimate lube, a delicious oral sex oil or an erotic foreplay massage oil, it will be there just when you need it.
    Its lubricating formula has been gynecologically tested so its guaranteed to be gentle on your mucous membranes and work great. Soft, soothing and delicious, this intimate scented lube is a must for those who want to infuse their intimate moments with erotic passion.
    You are invited to go on a delightfully sexual adventure.
    All your secret desires come true with this peach-apricot lubricating massage gel.

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