SUDANTHA Toothpaste 80gr

SUDANTHA Toothpaste 80gr


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Ayurvedic herbal toothpaste. 9 herbal extracts.

Link SUDANTA – Herbal Ayurvedic toothpaste. Sudant contains 9 herbal extracts. The toothpaste has an antibacterial effect, prevents the formation of tartar, heals the gums well and solves the problems of the oral cavity; removes the sensitivity of the gums and freshens breath.

Ingredients: Adhatoda vasica Nees – anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating action. Terminalia chebula – astringent, soothing effect. Pongamia pinnata – antibacterial, astringent action; in ancient times, they only brushed their teeth and freshened their breath, chewing on the branches and bark of this plant. Quercus Infctoria – Oak bark extract has antibacterial and astringent properties. Mimusops elengi – anti-inflammatory, anti-caries action. Acacia chundra – contains a lot of tannins, has an astringent, antimicrobial effect. Zingiber officinale – ginger – stimulates blood circulation, has an antibacterial effect. Syzygium aromaticum – cloves – antiseptic, anti-inflammatory action. Piper nigrum – black pepper – circulating effect.

Ayurvedic pastes do not contain: substances of animal origin; synthetic or mineral oils; artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. They do not contain fluoride and therefore can be used by children. Ayurvedic toothpaste containing selected plant extracts, natural minerals, essential oils, chlorophyll, natural finely ground calcium, vegetable glycerin and sodium lauris.

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