SEYSSO Gold Collection Gold Black Sonic Toothbrush

SEYSSO Gold Collection Gold Black Sonic Toothbrush

Refined electric toothbrush


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This unique brush features a stylish design and remarkable durability. The materials required for the production of this model have been carefully selected by experts – so that the brush will last us as long as possible and of the highest quality. This is the first SEYSSO model with such a large selection of work programs. Thanks to them, each user has the opportunity to perfectly adjust the speed to their individual needs. The brush is additionally equipped with advanced DCT+ technology, thanks to which we can get rid of bacterial plaque, plaque and discoloration from the surface of the teeth and the narrowest interdental spaces in the most thorough way.
This brush has as many as five modes of operation – each of them is programmed for a different speed, the number of sound vibrations and the operating time:
– SENSITIVE PROGRAM, producing 62,000 sonic vibrations per minute, this is the most gentle program, ideal for starting your adventures with sonic technology, for children and people with gingivitis or sensitive teeth. This program takes 2 minutes.
– PROGRAM CLEAN, producing 82,000 sound vibrations per minute, is a program for everyday use by the whole family, both older and younger users. This program also runs for the full 2 minutes recommended by dentists.
– GUM CARE PROGRAM with 70,000 sound vibrations per minute is a complete novelty from SEYSSO – the longest 3-minute program prepared specifically for gum massage. Thanks to him, the condition and blood supply of the gums improves.
– POLISHING PROGRAM, produces 90,000 sound vibrations per minute, enamel polishing program. Fast and accurate, it takes 1 minute.
– PROGRAM WHITE, produces 96,000 sonic vibrations per minute, the fastest and most accurate of all modes among all sonic brushes on the market. Precisely cleans teeth, leaving them perfectly smooth and white. This program takes 2 minutes.

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