Placenta Placo Hair Lotions With Panthenol 12x10ml

Lotion against hair loss


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    PLACENTA PLACO FOR HAIR LOSS is an innovative program that solves hair loss problems and stimulates hair growth. Recommended: for hair loss and thinning, for weak hair, damaged hair, men and women.
    Placenta Placo is an excellent professional product containing placenta fruit extract, which helps to restore the biochemical balance of hair and scalp thanks to provitamin B, nettle and collagen and effectively stimulates the growth of hair follicles. The placenta regenerates the hair structure, gives it volume and shine, makes the hair naturally soft, flexible and easy to comb after the first application. The lotion treats brittle, weak hair prone to breakage and loss.
    How to use: on washed and dried hair, apply the required amount of the drug, massage into the hair and scalp until completely absorbed.

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