Orthomol Cholin Plus 60cap

Orthomol Cholin Plus 60cap

helps maintain normal liver function, and silymarin from milk thistle extract


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Composition of Orthomol Cholin Plus is a balanced complex of vitamins, antioxidants and trace elements.
There are two main active substances – choline and milk thistle.
Choline – protects and strengthens liver cells, thus preserving and increasing their lifespan. Choline normalizes lipid metabolism: a complex of processes that occurs with the fats that come with food and are generated by the liver. It also quickly removes cholesterol from the body and actively promotes the process of homocysteine ​​metabolism.
Milk thistle – the extract of this plant and its beneficial effect on the condition of the stomach and liver have been known since antiquity. Its main active ingredients are silymarin compounds.
They enhance the regeneration of liver cells and stimulate synthesis processes in cells. Providing anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic effects, silymarin fights to preserve liver cells and stabilize their functionality.
Certified vitamins Orthomol Choline Plus are glucose and gluten free.
The benefits of vitamins for the liver The liver is one of the largest human organs. The liver processes 2,000 liters of blood per day and produces about a liter of bile for digestive processes.
She is responsible for the neutralization of toxins and their removal, stores and stores vitamins.
In addition to all other amazing functions, the liver has the ability to regenerate.
But this is a long and complex process that must be stimulated by the correct lifestyle, refusal from junk food, alcohol and taking restorative drugs.
Thanks to the components they contain, Orthomol Cholin Plus vitamins are able to prevent and stop the development of many ailments associated with liver damage. Neutralize dangerous chemical compounds contained in the food taken, as well as strengthen immunity, strengthen natural defense mechanisms and normalize blood pressure. Method of administration, dosage and contraindications To have a full effect, vitamins must be taken once a day, 2 capsules during or after meals, with plenty of water.
Before use, you must consult a doctor, as there are contraindications. Vitamins should be taken with caution or refrained from taking them: with increased sensitivity to components; in the presence of allergic reactions to active and excipients; pregnant and lactating women; persons with liver and gastrointestinal tract diseases in the acute stage. Structure Choline bitartrate (46%), milk thistle extract with silymarin (29%), hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, separator of magnesium salts of edible fats, silicon dioxide.

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