Orthomol Amd Extra 120cap

Orthomol Amd Extra 120cap

Food supplement. Vitamin complex


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You are welcome to buy food supplement,vitamin complex Orthomol Arthro plus Powder N30, at our online store www.amarina.lv
The food supplement Orthomol AMD extra additionally contains important trace elements for antioxidant protection. The AMD-EXTRA vitamin complex is a specially developed complex for the treatment and prevention of age-related changes.
Micronutrients for AMD Advanced Power Management: Zinc (meat, fish, eggs, milk) helps maintain normal vision. Vitamin C (citrus fruits, black currants) contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system (including the optic nerve), vitamin E (oils, nuts), zinc and copper (nuts, cocoa) help protect cells from oxidative stress.
Macular pigment – the retina is the only antioxidant, as treatment must necessarily include the intake of carotenoids (lutein and zeaxanthin). These are two types of antioxidants (there are more than 600 in nature) that can enter the tissues of the eye. Vitamins Orthomol Extra AMD also contain important zeaxanthin and lutein, vitamin E and vitamin C, which improve blood circulation in the eyes and help remove free radicals, as well as the minerals zinc and copper. In combination with them, the risk of further development of macular degeneration is reduced by 30%.
ORTHOMOL AMD-EXTRA is recommended for use in the following cases:
– if you have a genetic predisposition to macular degeneration;
– with cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, cerebral atherosclerosis);
– with an unbalanced diet, you smoke, you are overweight, you live in polluted city air;
– high blood cholesterol; – you experience prolonged or frequent stress;
-foods contain a deficiency of antioxidants and vitamins;
According to statistics, women are more susceptible to diseases after 50 years.

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