OFFICINA DELLE ESSENZE refill Angostura 500 ml

OFFICINA DELLE ESSENZE refill Angostura 500 ml

Air freshener (Amber, Clove, Gentian)


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OFFICINA DELLE ESSENZE ANGOSTURA fragrance sticks 500ml interchangeable block to keep the fragrance in the air constant. The purchase includes a new supply of rattan rods allowing you to save and reuse your elegant glass air freshener bottle. Clean design, comfort and economy.

An amber mix that recalls one of the most famous Bitter in the world: a secret cocktail with plants and spices with an intense scent. Angostura is like a door open to a metropolitan speakeasy with embracing jazz notes. With this fragrance your space will be lively, exclusive and full of pleasures.

Angostura is the ideal fragrance to scent studios, open spaces and meeting rooms. It’s a fragrance that can absorb working stress between desks as well as generate serenity along corridors and diffuse a general climate of harmony and collaboration for the benefit of business. The reed diffuser has an elegant glass packaging with an exclusive design. The rattan reeds guarantee a constant and gradual olfactory atmosphere as they diffuse the fragrance uniformly in the air.


Amber, Clove, Gentian

Decisive, Sophisticated

Living room, Office, Retail store

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