Moremo Water Treatment Miracle 10 200ml

Moremo Water Treatment Miracle 10 200ml

Balm for dry hair


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    Moisturizing balm for dry hair Moremo Water Treatment Miracle 10. This hair care product not only successfully replaces, but in many ways surpasses the properties of conventional hair balm: it can be used every day without damaging the hair, it intensively moisturizes the hair and promotes it recovery in a short time, only 10 seconds. The liquid form of the product allows damaged hair to quickly absorb nutrients, leaving it soft and shiny without the use of silicone. The main ingredients of the product: hydrolyzed silk, collagen and keratin will add shine, volume and elasticity to the hair. The product moisturizes the hair, makes it softer and more manageable in styling, and also helps to get rid of split ends. Hydrolyzed corn, soy and wheat proteins have a caring effect, strengthen the hair structure and make their surface smoother. The product contains 17 different natural amino acids. One of the advantages of amino acids compared to other active ingredients in cosmetics is the small size of the molecules, which allows them to penetrate deep into the hair structure and participate in regeneration processes, act as a moisturizer, protect against damage (UV rays, heat, environmental pollution, chemicals, etc.). Sea buckthorn extract will provide rich hydration and nutrition to the hair, eliminate brittleness and a tendency to split ends.

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