Marine Collagen COLLATICOL 200g.

Marine Collagen COLLATICOL 200g.

Marine collagen with peptides and vitamins


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Collaticol contains only one ingredient collagen peptides derived from fish. 100% pure and best quality 4kDA type 1 marine collagen peptides that provide over 20 proteins and amino acids including glycine,
proline, arginine and hydroxyproline needed to support healthy bones and nails, as well as improve joint function and
the bodys response to heavy exercise.
Product information
Collaticol Marine Collagen Powder contains 200 g of collagen peptides and is made from fresh,
Non-GMO certified fish scales.
Intended for use for 40 days.

1. Anti-aging nutrition that revitalizes the skin, increases collagen levels in the body, supports normal hair growth and improves hair structure, as well as helps for strengthening nails and their quality.
2. Improve skin elasticity (wrinkles and roughness) as well as signs of aging and help prevent skin conditions such as acne.
3. Plays a role in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Significantly helps to increase muscle mass and relieves joint pain.
4. Improves and accelerates metabolism.

How to use?
The recommended daily dose is 5 grams.
Using it with any cold or hot drink or any recipe you like (water, shakes, juice, coffee, etc.)

Clinical studies:
To improve metabolism – The results of daily oral use of Naticol® show that regular intake of Naticol® fish collagen peptides can improve cholesterol levels, help maintain normal blood glucose levels and weight management. In this study, Naticol ® has proven its role as a natural ingredient in weight control.
For joint strengthening – The results of using 10 g of Naticol® daily for up to 12 weeks have clinically proven that regular intake of Naticol® can reduce knee osteoarthritis symptoms such as pain, physical function (WOMAC scores). Naticol® has clinically proven its role as an ingredient in application for joint health.
For beauty – the results of oral use of 10g of Naticol® daily, up to 12 weeks, clinically prove that regular intake of Naticol® Fish collagen peptides improves basic skin moisture and elasticity, reduces wrinkles.

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