Mamibot IGlassBot Robot Window Cleaner W120-T White

Mamibot IGlassBot Robot Window Cleaner W120-T White

Window cleaning robot Mamibot W120-T white


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The Mamibot W120-T window cleaning robot will let you forget about the complicated and time-consuming manual cleaning of windows. Entrust window cleaning to a robot and feel what it means to have wonderfully clean windows without any effort. With this window cleaning robot, you can clean not only ordinary windows, but also glass doors and mirrors. The windows will be dazzlingly shiny, and there will be no streaks or dirt on them. No more climbing or leaning dangerously over a large window to clean it. This device will effortlessly and safely clean windows of any height, both inside and outside.
Clean your windows now!
Do you keep putting off window cleaning because its tiring and you dont like it? Entrust window cleaning to Mamibot – it will clean a 2 x 1 m window in just 5 minutes.
Simple and smart control!
Control the window cleaning robot in three ways and choose the most convenient for you: with a mobile application, a button or a remote control.
Thin and light!
The Mamibot device is strong and durable, but at the same time it is extremely light at 1.35 kg. The robot also features a slim body of 8.5 cm.
Safe use!
Clean high-profile windows in complete safety, relying on the devices excellent adhesion to the glass.
High quality battery!
The built-in UPS battery helps the device stay on for 20 minutes when attached to the window.
Smart cleaning modes!
Choose between robot cleaning in Z, N or Z-N modes. This is more efficient cleaning and much more than you can expect from a simple window cleaning robot.
Effective square shape!
The shape of the Mamibot robot is square – it ensures cleaning up to 99% of the window surface and leaves no dirty window corners.
Returns to the starting point!
A modern window cleaning robot is characterized by a memorable cleaning trajectory. After completing the set cleaning, the device returns to the starting point of its operation.
Special design microfiber cloth!
The special microfiber cloth on the base of the window cleaning device does not scratch the glass surface and does not leave marks.
Silent digital motor!
The digital motor of the long-lasting Mamibot robot stands out with a high speed of 22000 rpm. speed, more power and 65dB less noise.
For cleaning various surfaces!
With this innovative window robot, you will be able to clean not only internal and external window glass, but also shower cabin glass, marble and ceramic walls and shop windows.
Technical features of the Mamibot window cleaning robot:
• Power: 75 W.
• Battery: UPS, 600 mAh.
• Cleaning speed: 2.5 min./sq. m.
• Sound level: up to 65 dB.
• Charging time: 60 min.
• Suction power: 3000 Pa.
• Weight: 1.35 kg.
• Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 10 cm.
• Management: mobile. app, button, remote control.
• Color: white.

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