Infracyte Luscious Lips 326 7ml

Infracyte Luscious Lips 326 7ml

Anti-aging lip gloss


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Dont just put gloss on your lips, rejuvenate them!
INFRACYTE Luscious Lips is a scientifically formulated non-injectable anti-ageing lip filler that instantly volumizes lips after the first application, as well as long-term anti-aging, volumizing, hydrating, healing and improving the appearance of lips.
Dermatologist tested and formulated by cosmetic science. Contains Infracytes patented peptide complex, hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, vitamin C, vitamin E, organic oils and more.
INFRACYTE Luscious Lips eliminates thin, dry and chapped lips, leaving them plumper, younger and healthier from the inside out!
Advanced lip care recommended by doctors worldwide.

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