Huxley Secret of Sahara More Than Moist 50ml

Huxley Secret of Sahara More Than Moist 50ml


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    An oily cream with a thick consistency. The product simply dissolves on the face skin and promotes intense hydration. The prickly pear seed oil in the cream contains antioxidants that protect the skin and prevent it from drying out. The cream protects the skin from free radicals, pollutants, and negative environmental influences. Ideal for very dry skin after sunbathing. Ingredients: ficus-indica prickly pear stem extract, glycerin, butylene glycol, dimethicone, Butyrospermum Parkii (shea butter), hydrogenated olive oil lauryl esters, glyceryl stearate, behenyl alcohol, squalane, pentaerythrityltetracerylhexandexano-tri-hexanoate seed and indica, glycine soybean (soy) seed extract, Betula Platyphylla Japonica juice, indica tamarind seed gum, beta-glucan, polyquaternium-51, cyclopentasil, stearyl alcohol, trimethylsiloxide, zeolyticosiloxide, sodium zeopolyticosilicosilicate and sodium hydrocylate ethylhexylglycerin, pentylene glycol, tocopherol, tromethamine, tromethamine, tromethamine Application: Apply to clean skin in the morning and evening. Capacity: 50ml Expiration date: 12 months after opening. Manufacturer: Huxley, South Korea.

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