Germaine de Capuccini Timexpert SRNS Eyes Illuminating Detox Formula 15ml

Germaine de Capuccini Timexpert SRNS Eyes Illuminating Detox Formula 15ml

Eye cream with detox formula


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With the new DETOX formula – puffiness and bags under the eyes disappear, eye fatigue disappears. There are three main actions:
1. Deep defatiguing action: weakened contour. Its formula contains Albizia extract (also known as tree silk), which works against signs of fatigue associated with the accumulation of toxins in cells and strengthens the cells energy production potential, and caffeine, which performs microcirculation and lipolytic function. The eye contour is resting. Puffiness and bags under the eyes are reduced.
2. Effective brightening action: Light and clarity. It includes color-corrected optical diffusers that lighten bags under the eyes, instantly brightening the skin. The shadows are falling. The result is truly amazing.
3. Lifting action of the gaze: The gaze is instantly open thanks to Pro-Liftine and its immediate, long-lasting lifting effect.
The eye contour undergoes global rejuvenation. Like any other product, TIMEXPERT is enhanced by the combination of a zinc-glycine complex and RC Advanced. In addition, high molecular weight hyaluronic acid prevents moisture loss, protects the skin from external aggression and fills lines and fine wrinkles. 15 ml tube with a special metal applicator (ergonomic and ultra-fresh) that allows for a gentle massage in every position to enhance treatment results: Provides a feeling of relief and well-being.
Refreshes and thus helps reduce swelling. Activates microcirculation through massage, thus reducing the bluish-grayish tone. Everyday fatigue is reflected in our gaze, and signs of fatigue (circles and bags under the eyes) become apparent.

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