Germaine de Capuccini Timexpert Lift (IN) Recontouring V-Shape Face Mask 2x10ml

Reconstructive face mask


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A new anti-flabbiness sheet mask with a high content of firming actives that provides an immediate lifting effect in the jaw and double chin area. The contour of the oval of the face looks more emphasized and toned. For several hours, it remains restored and more dense due to the lifting effect. In just 15 minutes, the mask restores skin firmness, defining the contour of the lower face, reducing the effect of a double chin and helping to maintain the elasticity and effectiveness of the skins supportive network.
Edelweiss flower extract is an original cosmetic active substance extracted from the edelweiss flower and enriched with leontopodiic acid, with an intense antioxidant effect, it helps to neutralize oxidative stress caused by aggressive environmental influences and restore the skin of the neck.
Purified oligosaccharides that stimulate the synthesis of specific fibers in the papillary dermis to restore skin elasticity. Two linked natural biopolymers; they create a dense and compact network that acts like a second skin and provides an immediate tightening effect.

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