Geomar Crema Fango Rassodante 500ml

Geomar Crema Fango Rassodante 500ml

Anti-cellulite mud cream


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    Crema Fango Rassodante anti-cellulite mud cream is an intensive treatment to strengthen the skin. The product formula contains 95% natural ingredients.
    Effectively fights the signs of cellulite. Combines the whitening capabilities of saline solutions and the ease of use of the gel cream. The cream is quickly absorbed and does not need to be rinsed. This allows you to wear the clothes within a few minutes of applying the product. By continuing to use, the skin becomes more moisturized, firmer and toned. The green, black and white clays in it contain detoxification and drainage. Glinko biloba helps to improve microcirculation. Green tea has a firming and toning effect, sea salt helps to flush out excess fluid trapped in the tissues, reducing unsightly swelling. Dead Sea trace elements restore skin radiance and elasticity.
    From the first use, your skin is more toned and smoother. Continuing the procedure reduces the effect of orange peel, reduces local fat deposits and signs of cellulite due to the removal of excess water from the body.

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